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Yatch Based Transported Sport Fishing and Bear Huntings

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Season Dates:
May, June, July, August
Black Bear
Guide Ratio:
Group, Unguided
Alaska, United States of America
Any Weapon
Trip Methods:
Bait Fishing, Shore Fishing, Spot and Stalk
5 Days
Additional Species:

With this HFA Endorsed Outfitter, hunting and fishing is second nature to them. While you could say it’s in their blood upon meeting them, their passion is driven by the people they get to connect with during their hunts. Most importantly, they understand that Alaska is an investment to most, making your time and money valuable. With over a decade of transporting hunters and guiding anglers each season, you can rest assured that their crew is dedicated in creating a memorable experience that will keep you coming back for more!

Their black bear hunts are located in Southcentral Alaska, on the Kenai Peninsula- providing hunters access to some of the most pristine bear country Alaska has to offer. You’ll meet them in Homer, Alaska and hop aboard for a weeklong hunt in no-mans land. In addition to targeting black bears, they couple their hunts with epic long range fishing- giving you the best opportunity at filling your freezer with wild game and fresh fish for the seasons ahead! They offer Alaska black bear hunts starting in the spring (May) thru the fall (August) season. Spring hunts provide hunters early access to terrain before it begins to thicken for our summer and fall seasons. In the spring, bears are known to prey on remains left over from winter and newborn moose. As we shift into the summer and fall season, bears begin to move closer to rivers to feed on wild Alaskan salmon and wild berries. Alaskan black bears are best known for their full capes this time of year, as they are filling out in preparation for our winter season.

Trip Accommodations:
Welcome aboard! We are thrilled to extend an invitation to you to join us on our well-appointed live aboard, the M/V Misty Fjord! This majestic 65-foot vessel is designed to make your trip with us as comfortable and rewarding as possible. With five state rooms, each boasting private bathrooms, you can enjoy a blend of privacy and comfort during your hunt with us. The spacious deck offers ample opportunity for fishing and handling all of your wild game needs. Coupled with comfortable accommodations, the MV Misty Fjord ensures that your experience is nothing short of unforgettable.

Transporter vs. Guide:
Their Role During Your Hunt In Alaska, transporters and guides serve distinct roles in the outdoor industry, each with a unique set of responsibilities. A transporter's primary duty is to move hunters, their equipment, and harvested game from one location to another. They do not, however, provide assistance in hunting or tracking game. It's crucial to note that while a guide can actively participate in the hunt, a transporter is strictly prohibited from assisting in any activity directly related to the hunting process itself.

This means that they CANNOT assist with the following:
Guide you in the process of hunting- this means we cannot assist you with information on where to actively hunt
Provide maps of any kind for targeting game- please research areas prior to booking
Assist removal of your game from the field, other than by providing the transportation back to the vessel Assist in the skinning, de-boning, or butchering of your meat once on board
Assist in the care of meat while on/off board, except to store onboard
Provide ANY hunting equipment necessary to hunt, remove, or clean game- we do provide fishing gear and processing, as this is a guided experience.

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Option #1

$5,000.00 5 Days Outfitted
Single Hunter

Option #2

$35,000.00 5 Days Outfitted, Group
Entire Boat
Up to 8 hunters