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Archery Exclusive Plains Game Safari in Limpopo South Africa

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Season Dates:
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November
Plains Game
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1, 2 on 1, Corporate Groups, Guided
Limpopo, Africa
Archery, Crossbow
Trip Methods:
Hiking, Pit Blind, Spot and Stalk, Vehicle
Easy Moderate
Additional Species:
Africa Vacation Activities, Baboon, Blesbok-Common, Blesbok-White, Bontebok, Bush Pig, Bushbuck-Cape, Bushbuck-Limpopo, Cape Buffalo, Caracal, Civet Cat, Crocodile, Dangerous Game, Dik-Dik, Duiker-Blue, Duiker-Common, Duiker-Gray, Duiker-Red, Duiker-Red, Eland-Cape, Eland-Livingston, Elephant, Fallow Deer, Gemsbok-Oryx, Genet Cat, Giraffe, Grysbok-Cape, Grysbok-Sharpe's, Hartebeest - Red, Hartebeest-Lichtenstein's, Hippo, Honey Badger, Hyena-Brown, Hyena-Spotted, Impala-Black, Impala-Black Faced, Impala-Common, Impala-Saddleback, Impala-White Flanked, Jackal, Klipspringer, Kudu-Cape, Kudu-Southern Greater, Lechwe-Red, Lion, Lioness, Nyala, Oribi, Ostrich, Porcupine, Reedbuck-Common, Reedbuck-Mountain, Rhino, Roan, Sable-Common, Serval Cat, Springbok-Black, Springbok-Common, Springbok-Copper, Springbok-White, Steenbuck, Suni, Tsessebe, Vaal Rhebuck, Warthog, Waterbuck-Common, Wildebeest-Black, Wildebeest-Blue, Wildebeest-Golden, Wildebeest-King's, Zebra-Burchell's, Zebra-Hartmann's/Mountain

As one of Southern Africa’s premier hunting operations, this family run operation has been guiding in Africa since 1999, and they’ve been in full operation as an outfitter since 2004. They are based in the Limpopo Province of South Africa and have other licensed companies and partnerships in several different countries across the continent, including the Eastern Cape, the Free State / Northern Cape, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zambia. All of their hunting is fair chase, ethical, and will provide you with incredible opportunities to take world class trophies that you can be proud of. They offer all plains game hunting and safari opportunities, and are also a Dangerous Game licensed professional hunter.

This is one of the elite archery hunting outfitters in all of Africa. The HFA team has hunted with this outfitter, and we have countless clients, both locally and across the globe, that can stand behind this outfitter as a true Elite archery outfitter. They are owned and operated by archery hunters with over 40 years of experience archery hunting the Dark Continent. Their properties are owned & operated exclusively, and are indeed “archery only”!

South Africa is the base for this outfitter and home to their main hunting lodge. It has the most abundant herds of wildlife in all of Africa and is the world’s premier example of sustainable use conservation boasting the largest hunting economy in all of Africa as well as the largest animal populations (approx. 25 million). The majority of their hunting is done in the Limpopo Province but they do occasionally venture into the other provinces for specialty species not available close to the lodge/camp.

The Limpopo Province is the Mecca of Plains Game hunting in all of Africa. This region, known as the Bushveld, boasts more trophy animals than most other regions of Africa combined. The terrain is mostly flat with some slight undulation and thick thorn infested Bush. This is not long range hunting territory and most rifle shots are less than 150 yards. This makes for much more exciting and action packed hunting. Archery hunting is non stop action simply due to the high numbers of game in the Province. Private land is well managed and wildlife is thriving providing you with the most game-rich hunting environment in all of Africa. This is probably the most diverse safari country in all of Africa.

In South Africa the majority of hunting is done from pit blinds around naturally occurring waterholes with an average shot of only 18 yards! The way these blinds have been designed and built decrease your scent factor and reduce the amount of sound leaving the blind. Simply put, their blinds put you in the best position possible to take home the trophies of your dreams.

Equipment is very specific for areas and specie(s) being hunted. The best option is to speak directly to us and we can set you up with the exact equipment to match your safari to what you want. Using the equipment they have tested can be the difference between a great archery hunt or a frustrating one. With a full service archery shop, 24-hour shooting range, and guides who have vast knowledge of archery hunting, they can handle any situation that may arise during your hunt.

*In the other countries that they operate in, most archery hunting is done by walk and stalk, ambush, and/or temporary brush blinds. The hunting is challenging but extremely rewarding. Most of these areas are more suited for clients that have a safari or two under the belt and are moving on to the more challenging and unique African species. These are all custom safaris tailor made for your unique needs.

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Airport Pickup and Dropoff, Delivery of Trophies to Dip & Pack, Field Preparation of Trophies, Lodging, Meals, Professional Hunter & Staff, Tag(s), Trip Transportation
Ammunition, CITES Export Permit, Firearm Permit, Gratuities, Trophy Exportation (Logistics and Handling), Trophy Fees (Killed or Wounded), Vat (Gov’t Tax) on Daily Fees / Wounded Animals

Option #1

Custom Guided

You Pick The Duration and Animals You Want To Hunt. They Make Your Custom Package!

Option #2

$4,500.00 5 Days Guided
STARTER (All Inclusive)
  • (1) Gemsbok or Zebra
  • (1) Blue WildebeesT
  • (1) Impala
  • (1) Warthog
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #3

$5,900.00 8 Days Guided
RINGED (All Inclusive)
Package Includes:
  • (1) Waterbuck
  • (1) Gemsbok or Zebra
  • (1) Blesbuck
  • (1) Impala
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #4

$6,900.00 8 Days Guided
BEASTS (All Inclusive)
  • (1) Black Wildebeest
  • (1) Blue Wildebeest
  • (1) Red Hartebeest
  • (1) Warthog
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #5

$7,900.00 8 Days Guided
RIVER (All Inclusive)
  • (1) Nyala
  • (1) Waterbuck
  • (1) Bushbuck
  • (1) Warthog
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #6

$7,300.00 8 Days Guided
FIRST TIMER (All Inclusive)
  • (1) Waterbuck
  • (1) Blue Wildebeest
  • (1) Blesbuck
  • (1) Impala
  • (1) Warthog
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #7

$8,500.00 10 Days Guided
BUSHVELD (All Inclusive)
  • (1) Eland
  • (1) Zebra
  • (1) Gemsbok
  • (1) Blue Wildebeest
  • (1) Impala
  • (1) Warthog
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #8

$9,500.00 10 Days Guided
SPIRALS (All Inclusive)
  • (1) Kudu
  • (1) Eland
  • (1) Nyala
  • (1) Bushbuck
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #9

$9,990.00 5 Days Guided
  • (1) Sable
  • (1) Crocodile
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #10

$10,990.00 5 Days Guided
BLACK DEATH (All Inclusive)
  • (1) Cape Buffalo (Dagga Boy)
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded

Option #11

$22,500.00 10 Days Guided
ULTIMATE (All Inclusive)
  • (1) Cape Buffalo
  • (1) Crocodile
  • (1) Sable
  • (1) Kudu
  • (1) Nyala
  • (1) Bushbuck
  • (1) Impala
  • *Base trophy fees can be upgraded



  • Professional Hunter & Staff
  • Hunting Vehicles, fully equipped 4x4's
  • Field Prep of Trophies (raw prep and salting)
  • Delivery of Trophies to dip & pack agent
  • Meals & Beverages, Including Alcohol in Moderation
  • Daily rates are priced into the packages DAILY 
  • VAT on Daily Fees & Wounded Animals (15% Tax)
  • Flight & Any Accommodation Away From Lodge
  • All Trophy Fees Killed or Wounded
  • Side Trips & Tours
  • Gratuities
  • All Taxidermy Work Packing, Dipping, Shipping of Trophies 
  • Packages are all inclusive All packages are based on a (2) PH x (1) Hunter Rate
  • Any animal not harvested in a package is 80% refundable
  • Animals may be substituted as per a la carte price list
  • 50% deposit of package price
  • All trophy fees are due upon harvest and must be paid at the end of safari

Daily Rates:
Observer - $195.00/Day
2 Hunters X 1 PH - $350.00/Day
1 Hunter X 1 PH - $450.00/Day
Dangerous Game - $750.00/Day
African Wild Cat $350.00
Baboon $250.00
Blesbok-Common $495.00
Blesbok-White $750.00
Bush Pig $750.00
Bushbuck-Limpopo $1,490.00
Cape Buffalo $9,995.00
Cape Buffalo $12,500.00
Caracal $1,500.00
Civet Cat $1,450.00
Crocodile $3,500.00
Crocodile $4,995.00
Duiker-Common $750.00
Eland-Cape $2,995.00
Gemsbok-Oryx $1,490.00
Genet Cat $500.00
Giraffe $2,950.00
Hartebeest - Red $1,590.00
Hippo $9,500.00
Honey Badger $1,950.00
Hyena-Spotted $4,000.00
Impala-Black $1,495.00
Impala-Common $395.00
Impala-Saddleback $2,495.00
Impala-White Flanked $2,495.00
Jackal $100.00
Klipspringer $1,950.00
Kudu-Cape $2,995.00
Lechwe-Red $3,495.00
Lion $5,500.00
Lioness $3,500.00
Monkey-Vervet $195.00
Nyala $2,495.00
Ostrich $550.00
Reedbuck-Common $1,690.00
Reedbuck-Mountain $1,290.00
Roan $6,500.00
Sable-Common $2,999.00
Serval Cat $3,000.00
Springbok-Black $990.00
Springbok-Common $795.00
Springbok-Copper $1,850.00
Springbok-White $1,500.00
Steenbuck $750.00
Tsessebe $2,295.00
Warthog $495.00
Waterbuck-Common $2,695.00
Wildebeest-Black $1,595.00
Wildebeest-Blue $1,290.00
Wildebeest-Golden $3,500.00
Wildebeest-King's $6,500.00
Zebra-Burchell's $1,490.00
Zebra-Hartmann's/Mountain $2,995.00