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Alberta Wolves

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Season Dates:
January, February, March, December
Guide Ratio:
Alberta, Canada
Trip Methods:
Baited, Calling, Spot and Stalk
6 Days

A Canadian wolf hunt with options! Whether you want to sit bait, spot and stalk, or try to howl the wolves in, this outfitter has done it all.

Baited huts are all about patience. Sitting from long before sun-up till, possibly, long after dark. This is not a casual affair, hunters need determination to put in the time. Hunters will head toward their heated blind with lunch and snacks provided and start their vigil. These baits are maintained often and wolves are habituated to the truck, snowmachine, or ATV used to access that particular bait. Wolves are notoriously weary and need room around the bait. Because of this weariness, blinds will be a minimum of 100yds off. The baited hunt can be a grind but it offers the highest success rate.

Spot and stalk / calling hunts are more difficult but also more rewarding. The high drama that can ensue with wolves answering or coming to the call make this option more appealing to some hunters. Plan on starting your location howls before daybreak and cover miles to find a active / vocal pack. Once the pack is located the pursuit is on. Cutting the distance and getting the wind right is key. Once as close to the wolves as possible without detection, the real calling begins. If everything works out, the hunter can expect an adrenaline packed encounter with the possibility of calling wolves in to close range. In the best case scenarios, multiple wolves respond and come hard to the call. In the event no pack is located or tracks cut, hunter will be back at the lodge at a reasonable time.

Your hunt can be a mixture of sitting bait or calling, the choice is your. It should be noted that consistency is often the key to success but breaking the hunt up also has it benefits.

Either hunt you choose, plan on a warm lodge, good food, and an outfitter working hard to get you a wolf!

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$5,000.00 6 Days Guided