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Do-It-Yourself Trophy Coues Deer

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Season Dates:
January, February, December
Coues Deer
Guide Ratio:
Sonora, Mexico
Any Weapon, Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle
Trip Methods:
ATV/UTV, Spot and Stalk, Vehicle
6 Days
Ranch House

These are 6-Day DIY Coues Deer hunts in Sonora, Mexico. There's a day on the front and back ends of this hunt for travel, with 6 full hunting days in between. The outfitter that's providing these opportunities has been operating in Mexico for over 20 years. The owners of this operation are great people that care, and that want to provide a great experience. Our team personally knows and has worked with them for over 10 years.

Hunters can expect to be hunting ranches that have produced bucks averaging between 100” and 110”+. Every year they harvest bucks ranging from 110" to 125"+ as well. The ranches have the genetics! The trophy gallery is a good reference for realistic expectations. The hunts and ranches have been carefully coordinated and selected, and they also have proven history of success. The price-point is as good as it gets for what you’re provided. Most of the hunters taking advantage of these opportunities live within driving distance, and are using their personal vehicles for the hunt.

Hunts are set up to leave from the ranch house each day and drive to the areas and mountains you will be hunting. Most ranch houses are located on the ranch you are hunting, and if not on the ranch, they will be within close driving distances. Hunters can choose to stay out all day and pack a lunch, or come back to the ranch house and eat. Coordinating this with the cook is up to the hunters. You can drive and glass from the vehicle, glass from knobs located throughout the ranch, or backpack into the mountains that isn’t visible from the road systems or knobs. All options are available and up to each individual hunter. The terrain varies per ranch, and all of them are mountainous to some degree allowing for optimum glassing opportunities.

Hunter’s must know how to skin and cape their own deer to be capable of transporting your antlers and cape(s) over the border. The cowboy/assistant will assist you with capes and boiling skulls to the best of his ability. Freezers and/or coolers and ice packs are provided for capes to ensure preservation. *There have been no problems with this in the past, and it will continue this way if hunters remember to comb and inspect all capes and heads for ticks. The border does not want to see ticks! Groceries are not included in the price, and the average cost. You provide the food and the cook will take care of the rest. The cooks know how to cook both Mexican and American food. If additional food is needed throughout the trip, the cook and/or cowboy can purchase more groceries at the hunters’ expense.

You’re on your own, and these hunts aren't meant for everyone. Please DO NOT book this hunt based on price. Book this hunt based on your ability to hunt on your own without assistance. The hunt overall is very low-key, but you just need to be a self-sufficient hunter and person overall. In other words... no one will be there to hold your hand. You’ll sleep in a warm bed, eat good food, watch awesome sunrises and sunsets, hunt beautiful country, and hopefully harvest some of these special deer we get to hunt in good ole' Mexico!

Gun permits will be handled long before the hunt dates arrive so that when you arrive you are all taken care of. During your stay, if the outfitter is able to come visit your ranch they most definitely will, but don’t count on it. You will ALWAYS have their phone numbers and contact information and can call or message them if you have any immediate or emergency needs.

The outfitter provides lodging, a cook, a cowboy/assistant, a dedicated ranch, hunting license and tag, firearm permit, border crossing assistance, and a personal escort to the ranch from the border and back after the hunt. A map of the ranch boundaries will be provided, along with a suggested gear list to take. The time and place to meet at the border will be coordinated by the border crossing contact that the outfitter has assigned to your group. Each group meets at the border and is assisted with gun permits and travel from the U.S. side of the border to the ranch you will be hunting. This eliminates any reservations hunters may have about crossing the border with firearms.

Please remember that this is a Do-It-Yourself hunt, and not a guided hunt. No different than showing up in Colorado to hunt deer on your own. The outfitter that runs the operation will not be able to assist with anything during your hunt, as they will be hunting with fully guided clients at the same time that are paying close to double the price. Other than what was outlined above, you are on your own for the duration of the hunt.

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Border Crossing Assistance, Cook, Cowboy/Assistant, Firearm Permit, License, Lodging, Tag(s)
Airport Pickup and Dropoff, Cooler(s), Gratuities, Guide, Meals, Trip Transportation, Trophy Exportation (Logistics and Handling)


$4,200.00 6 Days 1 on 1

  • Cook is provided: $60 (Per Day) is the total cost to be split amongst the group
  • Cowboy is provided: $40 (Per Day) is the total cost to be split amongst the group
  • The cook and cowboy should be tipped at the end of the hunt. It’s customary to combine the tips and split them evenly between the cook and the cowboy/assistant. This will be left up to the group.
  • Plan on tipping the driver/assistant that will help you at the border and escort you to the ranch. ($50-$100 is sufficient)