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Mountain Goat Adventure

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Season Dates:
August, September, October, November
Mountain Goat
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1
Alaska, United States of America
Archery, Rifle
Trip Methods:
Airplane, Hiking, Spot and Stalk
7 Days
Difficult, Difficult Extreme
Lodge, Mountain Tents
Additional Species:
Black Bear, Brown Bear
Trip Units:
Southeast Mainland

An Alaskan adventure awaits and this outfitter can make it happen for you. As an adventure seeking bowhunter himself, the outfitter moved to Alaska in 1990 and built a career as an EMT and construction supervisor. While working in remote villages he was exposed to guides and outfitters and began working for them in 1993. Armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge he started his own outfitting business in 2007. He has built his outfit around hard work and experience and believes in delivering the absolute best chance at the animal you invested so much to pursue.

When it comes to goat hunts, this one is top notch. The outfitter runs nearly 100% opportunity on big 9+" billies. The outfitter handles all the flying for this outfit and has thousands of hours in a Super Cub. These goats are hunted on a registration system that guarantees a tag without dealing with the draw. Unique to this goat hunt, most of his hunts are conducted on private lands. When he does hunt the public ground he is off the beaten path and the billies are blocky and old.

Show up in shape for the hunt. The distances are not that long but the mountains are steep. If you show up with the right attitude and physical ability you have an excellent chance at one of these mountain dwellers.

It is not uncommon for this outfit to produce B&C goats. And you won't find a crew that works harder! In addition to your guide you plan to have a packer along on the trip. Spreading the weight is important for mountain descents and you will be happy the packer is there when you get your billy.

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Airport Pickup and Dropoff, Charter Flight(s), Field Preparation of Trophies, Lodging, Meals
Gratuities, License, Tag(s), Taxes, Trophy Exportation (Logistics and Handling)

Option #1 Mountain Goat

$20,500.00 7 Days 1 on 1

5% Borough Sales Tax

Black Bear $3,500.00
Brown Bear $15,000.00