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Central American Whitetail Deer Hunts in Yucatan

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Season Dates:
January, February, March, December
Central American Whitetail Deer
Guide Ratio:
1 Hunter, 2 Guides
Yucatan, Mexico
Archery, Rifle, Shotgun
Trip Methods:
Ground Blind, Hiking, Spot and Stalk, Vehicle
5 Days
Easy Moderate
Additional Species:
Ocellated Turkey

This outfitter is located in Mexico, on the Yucatan Peninsula, famous for its Mayan pre-hispanic civilizations, the colonial architecture, the beautiful beaches, the hospitality of the people, the food, and the warm weather. With exclusive rights to over 160,000 acres of the best jungle hunting that Southeast Mexico has to offer, this outfitter is one of, if not the biggest outfitter in the area. They specialize in Central American Whitetail Deer, Brocket Deer & Ocellated Turkey hunting, and offer all available species with very high success rates, big trophies and have treated our clients very well. This part of the world is loaded with multiple species such as Red & Gray Brocket Deer, Ocellated Turkey, Yucatan Central American Whitetail Deer, Greater Curassow, Crested Guan, Collared Peccary, plus small game like Coatimundi, Agouti, Paca, Gray Fox, small birds like Chachalaca, and Tinamou.

Hunting for Central American Whitetail Deer in the Yucatan can be an amazing experience for several reasons. The Yucatan Peninsula is home to a rich and diverse cultural heritage, with many traditional communities still living in the region. Participating in a hunting trip in the Yucatan can provide a unique opportunity to learn about the traditional hunting practices and cultural beliefs of these communities.

The Yucatan Peninsula is a unique and diverse region, with a variety of different terrains and habitats. Hunting for whitetail deer in this region can take you through dense jungle, over rocky hills, and into open fields. The hunt is a thrilling experience, as these animals are known for their elusive nature and keen senses. Tracking and stalking a whitetail deer can require patience, skill, and a deep understanding of the animal's behavior. All of the hunting is done in a sustainable manner, with strict regulations in place to ensure the long-term health of the deer population. By participating in a hunting trip in the Yucatan, hunters can contribute to conservation efforts and help to maintain a healthy ecosystem. and let's not forget about the meat! The meat of the Central American Whitetail Deer is considered to be some of the best-tasting game meat available. Hunting for this animal in the Yucatan can provide a unique opportunity to try this delicious meat and to learn about the traditional ways it is prepared and consumed.

The guides are a mix of Mexican and American guides, and are very experienced, with many years of guiding hunters from all across the globe. Success rates have been 100% with turkeys, and many clients harvest two turkeys. This is primarily a gun hunt, but experienced bow-hunters are also able to hunt. Guides are experienced with archery equipment also. If you’re an archery hunter, the early season in February is best with the bow.

This hunt is done by way of spot and stalk, ground blinds, and elevated stands over water, and food sources found throughout the forest. These hunts occur between the months of December and March. The rut is during the month of March.

Another amazing part of this trip are the accommodations, which is a nice lodge. This outfitter takes pride in their operation and touts the best camps in business with all amenities of a hotel, like comfortable beds, air-conditioning, WiFi, private bathrooms with running water, warm showers, dining area, etc. The outfitter does a really good job at tailor-making hunts and experiences for specific trophies, being it a trophy Central American Whitetail Deer, a colorful Ocellated Turkey or a rare and elusive Red Brocket Deer. With the team that they have, the time and experience in the business, and a great infrastructure, they can cater to corporate groups, to single hunters, and can also offer additional services to enhance your trip on the front and/or back ends of your hunting trip. These trips would be activities such as sport fishing, eco-tourism, gastronomy experiences, etc.

Overall, hunting for Central American Whitetail Deer in the Yucatan can be an amazing experience for those who enjoy the outdoors, are interested in learning about different cultures, and appreciate the unique challenge of hunting for game. It is important to always prioritize safety, follow all hunting regulations, and to hunt in a sustainable and responsible manner.

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Airport Pickup and Dropoff, Ammunition, Field Preparation of Trophies, Guide, License, Lodging, Meals, Tag(s), Trip Transportation, Weapon, Wifi
CITES Export Permit, Firearm Permit, Flight(s), Gratuities, Hotel, Tag(s), Trophy Expediting/Handling

Option #1

$5,750.00 5 Days 1 Hunter, 2 Guides
Deer Only

Option #2

$8,000.00 7 Days 1 Hunter, 2 Guides
Deer/Turkey Combo