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Spain Southeastern Ibex Trophy Hunts

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Season Dates:
January, February, March, April, May, October, November, December
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1
Spain, Europe
Any Weapon, Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle
Trip Methods:
Hiking, Spot and Stalk, Vehicle
5 Days
Easy Moderate
Additional Species:
Ibex-Beceite, Ibex-Gredos, Ibex-Ronda

This outfitter hunts only on private land with good densities of ibex and the trophy galleries will more than prove that they take some amazing trophies. They have all different types of areas to accommodate all types of hunters. Some areas are more difficult than others, and the quality is equally achievable in all areas! The hunting is a good mix of glassing, driving and spot and stalking, which makes for a very enjoyable experience all around. Regarding accommodations, they always use very good accommodations, and there have been no complaints to date! This outfitter is a very family welcoming operation, and they experience a high level of repeat business. They have built teams of highly skilled and professional staff, and they make sure that everyone has an experience of a lifetime. In Spain, there are full time managers, guides, and employees who live in the exact location(s) that you will be hunting. With thousands of successful hunts, of which many hunters harvested World Record trophies, they are confident in stating that their combined efforts are unmatched!

Hunting for Southeastern Ibex in Spain is a challenging and exciting experience due to several factors. Southeastern Ibex inhabit rugged and mountainous terrain, often at high altitudes. Hunters must be prepared to navigate steep slopes, rocky cliffs, and dense vegetation while pursuing these elusive animals. The challenging terrain adds an extra layer of difficulty to the hunt, requiring hunters to be physically fit and mentally prepared. Successfully hunting Southeastern Ibex requires careful planning and strategy. This outfitter typically scouts the hunting area in advance to locate ibex herds, identify their movements, and assess the best vantage points for a successful stalk. Patience and persistence are essential as hunters wait for the opportune moment to take a shot.

Southeastern Ibex hunting often involves targeting mature males with impressive horns. Hunters may spend considerable time and effort scouting for ibexes with desirable trophy characteristics, such as large and symmetrical horns. Selecting the right trophy adds to the challenge and satisfaction of the hunt.

Overall, hunting for Southeastern Ibex in Spain is an unforgettable adventure that combines physical challenge, strategic planning, and appreciation for the natural beauty of the Spanish countryside. Whether pursuing ibex on foot or from a strategic vantage point, hunters can expect a rewarding experience that celebrates both the thrill of the hunt and the conservation of a cherished wildlife species.

Southeastern Ibex - Capra Pyrenaica Hispanica, found in the Southeast & South Spanish Mountains. Some also call this species the Sierra Nevada Ibex. They are smaller and lighter in color than the Beceite and Gredos types, but larger and darker than the Ronda type. Southeastern male’s horns rise vertically and lean out and back in a scimitar form with the tips inward. The keel is smooth, making the horns almost round in cross-section. The horns grow proportionately with age: one ring per year. But horn size and shape vary considerably from place to place. Hunting is arranged in National Reserves and in private game reserves. You can hunt directly from the very well situated hunting lodges. Sometimes in that area a short drive may be needed (30-45 min.) or horse riding.

Spain, because of its privileged position and the quality of its hunts, is now considered one of the most popular hunting destinations of Huntin' Fool Adventures. The abundance of game animals, the variety of species, and the quality of the hunts and trophies, have positioned Spain as one of the most desired destinations for the great number of hunters who have relied on Huntin' Fool Adventures. The diversity of ecosystems, with many mountain ranges (Cantabrian, Pyrenees, Gredos, Beceite, Tortosa, Sierra Nevada and Ronda Mountains) and plains, are the living areas for the following hunting species: Ibex (4 subspecies), Chamois (2 Subspecies), Barbary Sheep, Mouflon Sheep, Balearian Goat, Red Stag, Fallow Deer, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, and Wolf.

Ibex hunting season is from mid-October to late May, but the best period is from mid November-December, during the rutting season. It's not necessary, but as it is with all species, when animals are in their mating season, it's easier to approach them due them being preoccupied. Hunting during the rut does not affect the success or opportunity ratio whatsoever. Hunting is arranged in National Reserves and on private game reserves (all free-range/fair chase). You can hunt directly from the very well situated hunting lodges. Depending on the hunting area, accommodations may vary. Some of the areas offer good hotel accommodations. Private exclusive guest houses in hunting areas may also be used. Sometimes in that area a short drive may be needed (30-45 min.) or horse riding.

Spain is located in the Northern hemisphere and is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. During the Autumn and Spring time, you can expect any kind of weather: hot, windy, rainy. Winter time is usually sunny but chilly in the mornings. In the Pyrenees, they can also have some snow. In Gredos it can be colder but sunny, having some snow in November and December. In Beceite, it can be windy but sunny, and also chilly in the mornings. In the Sierra Nevada's, it can get really hot in October, but starts to cool down in November, and can have some snow in December. In Ronda, the weather is usually pleasant.

If any ibex does not meet the size, there will be a $3,000 USD refund.

Their partner guides private tours throughout all Spain. Very much recommended adding some tour days to your hunt. Great food, wine, people, culture and amazing history. 

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Accomm. Away from Lodge/Camp, CITES Export Permit, Firearm Permit, Flight(s), Gratuities, Trophy Exportation (Logistics and Handling), Trophy Fees (Killed or Wounded), Trophy Shipment

Option #1

$15,000.00 5 Days 1 on 1
Ibex-Beceite $16,000.00
Ibex-Gredos $16,000.00

Up to 75" 75"-80" is $22,000 80"-85" is $28,000 Every inch over 85" is an extra $2,500

Ibex-Ronda $15,000.00