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California Trophy Tule Elk Hunts

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Season Dates:
August, September
Tule Elk
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1
California, United States of America
Any Weapon, Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle
Trip Methods:
ATV/UTV, Ground Blind, Hiking, Spot and Stalk, Vehicle
5 Days
Trip Units:
Grizzly Island, Owens Valley

This outfitter was born and raised in Northern California, and has been hunting the state his entire life. They have been guiding Tule Elk hunts for over 10 years, and they have experienced 100% success/opportunity to date! This outfitters’ ranches are located in Monterey County, in and around King City. Spanning over 50,000 combined acres of some of the best Tule Elk habitat a hunter could dream of, this outfitter has dialed in their operation to compete with anyone out there. Their lodge is a comfortable and clean setting right in the hunt area, where on any given day you can look out the window and see anywhere from 100-300 head of elk. This outfitter offers private land trophy hunts, private land management bull hunts, as well as draw-tag hunts. So the bottom line is that if you’ve drawn a Tule Elk Tag or you want to hun Tule Elk, this outfitter is a great option to consider across the board! It’s as good as it gets!

Each year they successfully harvest 6-7 bulls ranging from 280” to 330”+, and the outfitter welcomes all types of hunters. For the archery hunter, blinds are set up on waterholes at 25 yards or less, or spots and stalk is always an option. All guides are archery hunters themselves, so you will be in good hands.

For the rifles hunters, expect shots ranging from 200 to 300 yards as an average. The terrain will allow for longer shots as well for those out there that can shoot longer distances. Usually it isn’t needs as the ranches allow for great spot and stalk opportunities, along with closing the distance to manageable and ethical ranges. The best time to hunt (the rut) is from the middle of August through October. Although you can hunt them through to the end of the year, it is always best to hunt them earlier as they are more receptive to calls, and they haven’t returned to their pre and post-rut locations , which tends to make the hunt more difficult, but still attainable by all means.

Hunting Tule elk in California is highly regulated, with limited-entry tags issued through a lottery system. This means that only a few hunters are selected each year, making it a highly coveted and competitive hunting opportunity. The other option is private land tags. Tule elk hunting on private ranches in California can provide hunters with an exclusive and personalized hunting experience, that also offers several benefits. Increased hunting opportunities: Private ranches often have a higher population density of Tule elk than public lands, which can increase the likelihood of a successful hunt.

Personalized hunting experience: Private ranches can offer customized hunting experiences, including lodging, guides, and specialized hunting packages, to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual hunters.

Access to prime hunting areas: Private ranches may have access to areas that are not available to the public, providing hunters with exclusive hunting opportunities in prime locations.

Higher quality game management: Private ranches can implement more intensive game management practices to ensure a healthy and sustainable elk population, resulting in a better hunting experience.

It is important to note that hunting Tule elk on private ranches in California is also subject to regulations and restrictions. Hunters must obtain the necessary licenses, permits, and tags, and follow ethical and sustainable hunting practices to ensure the safety of themselves, other hunters, and the elk population.

Furthermore, it is essential to research and choose a reputable and responsible private ranch that prioritizes wildlife conservation, safety, and ethical hunting practices. It is also important to respect the property and rules of the private ranch, as well as the local laws and customs of the area.

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Airport Pickup and Dropoff, Field Preparation of Trophies, Lodging, Meals, Tag(s), Trip Transportation
Car Rental, Gratuities, License, Trophy Expediting/Handling

Option #1

$8,000.00 5 Days 1 on 1
Draw Tag Hunt(s)
Owens Valley Unit & Grizzly Island Unit (Guide Only)

Option #2

$35,500.00 5 Days 1 on 1
Private Land (Management Hunt)
*Tag Included

Option #3

$42,000.00 5 Days 1 on 1
Private Land (Trophy Hunt)
*Tag Included

Option #4

$47,000.00 5 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
Private Land (Trophy Hunt)
*Tag Included