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B.C. Horseback Canadian Moose Hunts

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Season Dates:
Canadian Moose
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1
British Columbia, Canada
Any Weapon, Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle
Trip Methods:
Hiking, Horses, Spot and Stalk
10 Days
Cabin, Lodge, Wall Tent
Additional Species:
Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Rocky Mountain Elk, Wolf

This outfitting company has been in business for over 60 years, and is recognized as one of the best areas in the world for trophy hunting. Their area covers over 1500 square miles of pristine wilderness on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains in northern British Columbia. Their reputation in the hunting world speaks for itself. They are recognized worldwide as a professional operation that goes the extra mile for its clients. The outfitter that manages this operation started out wrangling and packing and eventually guiding which he immediately took to. He and his family operate the business with nearly 20 other team members that makes the whole operation flow.

This outfitter offers limited moose hunts each season, so planning is essential to take advantage of this opportunity. This horseback Canadian Moose hunt is in an area that has good quality and low quantities. All moose hunts include a black bear and a wolf at no additional charge. This hunt is also conducive for a hunter that may not be in the best shape, or that has an injury that impairs him or her from hiking a lot. Hunters navigate by horse throughout these areas locating game, and usually the horses can arrive to locations that requires either shooting from (near) the horses, or close by for that matter.

Depending on open season, the hunter may also try for Elk, Caribou, Black Bear, Mule and Wolves. They hunt the month of September ending the season on the last day of the month. The quality is really good, and hunters can expect to be searching for a bull like those in the photo gallery of this hunt profile.

All moose hunts are operated out of cabins and/or a lodge. The main lodge is an eight bedroom facility with two baths, running water, electricity, wireless internet service, sauna and hot tub. It also has a satellite phone and a 3000' air strip. They have seven more fully equipped base camps throughout their territory, so no matter where you are hunting you will be staying in a cabin or lodge. The hunting area covers approximately 300 miles and services numerous camps. The base camps are each equipped with a cookhouse, hunters’ cabins, guides’ cabin, walk-in coolers, shower and wash house as well as smaller support buildings. The base camps are serviced by air, have radio communication and a minimum 2000' air strip.

All of their pack and saddle horses are quiet natured and in excellent condition. They are true mountain horses as they live in the mountains year round. Their packing and camping equipment is top of the line and well maintained, and there is plenty of good, wholesome food to satisfy any size appetite!

The pricing for this hunt is listed below. Black Bear and Wolves are included in all hunts and there is no additional charge for harvesting them. Additional primary species may be harvested on this hunt with trophy fees due upon harvest. See trophy fee section.

Non-hunters are welcome to join on each hunt as well.

If you choose to leave your hunt early and the outfitter needs to arrange travel ahead of schedule, a $1,600 (USD) fee will be applied/due.

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Cowboy/Assistant, Field Preparation of Trophies, Guide, Lodging, Meals, Trip Transportation
Charter Flight(s), Gratuities, License, Tag(s), Taxes

Option #1

$15,000.00 10 Days 1 on 1
*Charter flight & Taxes not included

Seasons (approx. dates):

  • Elk: September - October 10th
  • Mountain Goat: August 25th - Oct 15th
  • Moose: Month of September
NON-HUNTER/OBSERVER: $5,000 + Taxes & Flight
TROPHY FEES: Trophy fees listed below are due upon harvest

Black Bear
Mountain Goat $10,000.00
Rocky Mountain Elk $10,000.00