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Arizona Archery Elk Rut Hunt

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Season Dates:
September, October, November, December
Rocky Mountain Elk
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1, 2 on 1, Guided
Arizona, United States of America
Archery, Crossbow
Trip Methods:
Ground Blind, Hiking, Spot and Stalk, Treestand
6 Days, 7 Days, 10 Days, 14 Days
Easy Moderate, Moderate, Moderate Difficult
Lodge, Motel, RV Camper/Trailer, Wall Tent
Trip Units:
1, 10, 22, 23, 27, 3A, 3B, 3BN, 3BS, 3C, 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 5BN, 5BS, 6A, 6B, 7, 7E, 7W, 8, 9

This HFA Endorsed Outfitter has a second to none knowledge of elk, deer, and sheep in the state of Arizona. HFA member uses guides that specialize in the respective area/unit. This HFA outfitter has a reputation for finding and harvesting some of the biggest animals in the state each year with their clients. With a great reputation of scouting heavily before the season starts, they typically have a hit list of trophies that they’ve gathered for the hunter. Many times hunters will be updated with pictures prior to their hunt. This attention to pre-scouting has allowed them to book the statewide auction hunters for elk each year and have a reputation for leaving no stone unturned.

Arizona archery hunts generally take place in the middle of the rut and hunters can anticipate chasing bugles when the bulls are active and ambushing elk when the bugles die down. Blinds and tree stands used near water sources are a great way to close the distance on elk. Hunters can also anticipate spot and stalk method of chasing bulls as much of Arizona allows for glassing techniques. Don’t worry if your not seasoned glassing for elk as our HFA member is very knowledgeable.

Archery hunters can anticipate a great hunt chasing the largest bulls on the unit. If you have an archery tag HFA highly recommends using this outfitter.

Huntin Fool's License Application Service will apply you for this tag to at the time of application ($65).

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Lodging, Meals
Airport Pickup and Dropoff, License, Tag(s), Taxes

Option #4

$6,500.00 7 Days 1 on 1, Guided
Guide Only

Option #1

$8,500.00 7 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
Fully Outfitted

Option #5

$8,500.00 10 Days 1 on 1, Guided
Guide Only 

Option #6

$9,500.00 14 Days 1 on 1, Guided
Guide Only

Option #2

$10,500.00 10 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
Fully Outfitted

Option #3

$12,000.00 14 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
Fully Outfitted