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Top Notch Nevada Elk Outfitter

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Season Dates:
August, September, October, November
Rocky Mountain Elk
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1
Nevada, United States of America
Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle
Trip Methods:
ATV/UTV, Ground Blind, Hiking, Spot and Stalk, Vehicle
7 Days, 10 Days
Moderate Difficult
Airbnb, Motel
Trip Units:
104, 121, 108, 111-115, 111-115 Early, 111-115 Late, 131, 132, 108, 221-223, 221-223 Late, 231

This outfitter has been operating in Nevada since 1996. They're no stranger to outfitting and guiding trophy hunts for all species. They have taken multiple record-book trophies as well. Their guides are Nevada residents and they have been hunting the state their entire lives. They're very versed in the game, topography, and seeking trophy animals no matter which species they're pursuing. They're a great operation that consists of honest hardworking hunters that to the best of their abilities try to help each hunter/client attain his or her goal(s).

Their guides are trained and knowledgeable, and the request of the outfitter is that you trust your guide and follow his lead. They will do what is best based on their experience and so far it's worked out really well. A Nevada elk tag is one of the most coveted tags in the West, and tags usually take between 10-20 years to finally draw one. This outfitter takes pride in putting their hunters on some of the best bulls in Nevada. Nevada's elk numbers are not as high as other states, but they have some of the best genetics as anywhere, and the state as a whole continues to produce 400" bulls year after year.

First elk hunt of the year in Nevada is the Archery hunt. It's the best chance at a monster bull before they are broken up. For the most part of this season they are using spot and stalk methods. Towards the end of the hunt is when the rut is going strong, and calling can be more effective.

Next is the muzzle loader hunt. This season opens the end of October and ends the first week of November. There's a good chance some bulls will still be with cows and will be bugling. If they are not with cows, there's a good chance they have started to move towards their winter grounds. This is a great hunt with limited hunters, and the only down-fall is Nevada does not allow scopes. So the challenging part is getting range for an open sight shot.

Last they have the early and late rifle hunts. The early hunt is around November 6-20, and the late hunt is after the early closes, which is around November 21 to December 4. These are post-rut hunts and typically take a lot of glassing to locate bulls. Sometimes it can be a challenge finding a bull that doesn't have major broken points.

They ask hunters to practice shooting their weapons to ensure an accurate shot when the time comes. For the later hunts, layers and warm clothes are a must in the winter. Temperatures can get below 0. Any type of wool is recommended so the moisture doesn't soak into your clothing.

They offer guided hunts for (Elk, Deer, Antelope, Mt. Lion, Bears, and Bighorn Sheep). All of their hunts are one on one unless agreed upon by the hunter and guide. These hunts are set up as a "Guide Service Only". Meals and lodging are not included in their packages, unless otherwise agreed upon. There are 3 and 5 day hunts that are offered later in the year as well.

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Field Preparation of Trophies, Guide, Trip Transportation
Field Preparation of Trophies, Guide, License, Lodging, Meals, Tag(s), Trip Transportation

Option #1

$8,250.00 7 Days 1 on 1

Option #2

$11,000.00 10 Days 1 on 1