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Quality Oregon Bighorn Sheep Outfitter

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Season Dates:
August, September, October, November, December
California Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1
Oregon, United States of America
Any Weapon, Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle
Trip Methods:
Ground Blind, Hiking, Horses, Spot and Stalk, Treestand
5 Days
Hotel, Motel, Mountain Tents, RV Camper/Trailer
Trip Units:
Aldrich, Bear Creek, Beatys Butte, Beatys Butte/ Alvord Peaks, Catlow Rim, Coleman - E Guano, Deschutes River, Heppner, John Day River, McClellan, Sheepshead Mtns, Snake River, South Central, Steens, Steens Mtn, Sumpter, Whitehorse

This outfitter is a Northeastern Oregon based outfitting business located in the heart of big game hunting paradise. They spend a significant amount of time in the famed “Hells Canyon Recreational Area” which is North America’s deepest river gorge.  This outfitter is a diverse group of hard-core hunters specializing in multiple species in the state of Oregon. These species include sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, elk and antelope. They pride themselves on being prepared and providing successful hunts for all 5 big game species. They strive for nothing less than 100% success and they provide a full-service experience.

In recent years, this outfitter has unmatched success hunting sheep in Oregon. Between Rocky Mountain and California rams, they guide an average of 10 hunters per year. This includes once-in-a-lifetime draw hunters, state-wide auction hunters and raffle tag hunters. They have harvested multiple state record rams including some of the largest rams in North America. They take sheep hunting every serious.

Oregon has two varieties of Bighorn Sheep; Rocky Mountain Bighorns and California Bighorns. Although California Bighorns are a slightly smaller size subspecies, the Boone and Crockett Club list them together with Rocky Mountain Bighorns. This outfitter team has experience guiding both species and in recent years has harvested multiple rams cracking Oregon’s top ten list for both California Bighorns and Rocky Mountain Bighorns. Not only is sheep hunting addicting, in Oregon, it’s a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. The odds of drawing a sheep tag are limited and no preference points are allocated. Like all species, one of the keys to their success is preseason scouting.  They take pride in knowing every inch of their hunting areas/units and they feel it’s extremely critical to your success.  Consistent trophy success is obtained by complete preparation. 

Their hunts take place on both private and public lands as we operate under long term private land leases and special use permits provided by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and US Forest Service (FS). The responsibility of providing “once in a lifetime” hunts is what drives them. Their goal is to maximize the potential of each tag and strive for top end trophy success. They have combined their passion for harvesting the biggest / most mature animals possible with their drive to be the best in their business.  With those goals, they treat every hunt as if it were their own and do everything possible to turn the odds of success, in each hunter’s favor. Their success rate is 100%.

California Big Horn Sheep: ?Their favorite areas for California Bighorn sheep are the John Day River unit (east and west), Deschutes, Steens, South Central, Burnt River, Potamus, and E Beatys Butte / Alvord Peaks.
Within the John Day River system, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) allocates 9 tags per year, within 3 seasons, for both sides of the river (east and west). The John Day River canyon is one of the West’s greatest historic areas. River lovers throughout the Pacific Northwest cherish the John Day for its spectacular scenery and outstanding fishing and hunting. The lower John Day River supports the largest herd in the state with an estimated 650 bighorns. This outfitter has secured a private lease which provides access to the top of the river canyon. Their advantage is being able to glass vast areas of land from vantage points without having to drop into steep elevations of the river canyon. If your desire is to float the river canyon, their team is set up with rafts and all the gear to complete the 60-mile float through the lower river.  Summer steelhead fishing is outstanding as well.

South Central and E Beaty Butte / Alvord Peaks:  These units are quickly becoming top end areas for the outfitter. In recent years they have spent a tremendous amount of time scouring these units locating mature rams.  The high desert terrain makes for some great adventures.

Oregon statewide auction and raffle tags:?In recent years they have guided the majority of Oregon’s state wide sheep permit holders.  They have achieved outstanding success with multiple state and unit wide records.  If you have an interest in a statewide sheep hunt, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll get you dialed in with this outfitter. Their goal is always to harvest the most mature ram in the state.

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Airport Pickup and Dropoff, Field Preparation of Trophies, Guide, Lodging, Meals, Scouting, Trip Transportation
Gratuities, License, Tag(s), Trophy Shipment

Option #1

$8,500.00 5 Days, Custom 1 on 1, 1 Hunter, 2 Guides
Draw Hunt

*Price may vary depending on resources needed on a per unit/hunt basis. 

Option #2

$25,000.00 Custom 1 on 1, 1 Hunter, 2 Guides
Statewide Raffle Tag

*Price can vary up or down depending on the situation and multiple other variables that have to be considered per hunt and hunter. 

Option #3

$40,000.00 Custom 1 on 1, 1 Hunter, 2 Guides
Statewide Auction Tag

*Price can vary up or down depending on the situation and multiple other variables that have to be considered per hunt and hunter.