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World Class All Inclusive Yukon Moose

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Season Dates:
August, September
Alaska Yukon Moose
Guide Ratio:
1 on 1, 2 on 1
Yukon, Canada
Any Weapon, Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle
Trip Methods:
Airplane, Boat, Calling, Horses, Spot and Stalk
10 Days
Moderate, Moderate Difficult, Difficult
Boat, Cabin, Lodge, Mountain Cabin, Mountain Tents, Wall Tent
Additional Species:
Grizzly Bear, Mountain Caribou, Mountain Goat, Wolf

The area this HFA Endorsed Outfitter guides in has been established for over 30 years and operates in one of Canada’s prime multiple-species hunting areas. The Concession is approximately 14,000 square miles or 9 million acres of pure wilderness with no people living in it year round, and borders a National Park which is another 11,500 square miles (7,360,000 acres) of un-hunted area. There's less than 40 miles of old mining roads in the hunting area and the rest is virtually untouched by man. This remote area gives their hunters everything they need for a true wilderness experience and is unmatched anywhere in the world in size.

This outfitter offers a couple options to hunt the backcountry the way it is meant to be experienced. If a horse back hunt is what you’ve dreamed of, this outfit has the stock, wranglers, and guides to make that dream a reality for you. Wake up early and eat a hot breakfast as horses are being saddled for the days hunt. While in the saddle you have the ability to see over vegetation spotting moose, caribou, and bears as you make your way through the landscape. The ability to cover country, and pack moose from distant meadows, makes this horse back hunt one of the most effective and enjoyable hunts a northern hunter could experience. Expect long days beginning before sunrise and ending after dark. This horse back hunt is an adventure from beginning to end.

With lakes and rivers throughout the concession this outfitter offers boat-based hunts that are second to none. This hunt can be tailored to the hunter’s ability. If climbing high and far in search of game is what you seek, there is endless opportunity to cover country. A word of caution to these adventurous souls, what is harvested at great distance must be packed great distances, so be prepared to help carry the load. For those who would like a less strenuous experience. Calling along the river or lake and hiking to closer vantage points may be more to your liking. With rustic cabins and outhouses available on most of these lakes hunters can expect a little more comfort on their hunt.

With extremely low pressure on all of the game in their concession, game is able to reach an older age class. This age class coupled with high populations; hunters should expect high success rates on 50+ inch bulls with many exceeding that range. An opportunity is often presented to harvest a second or even third species on this hunt and hunters should have a conversation with the outfitter before heading afield if they intend to make good on these additional opportunities. With trophy mountain caribou and grizzly bears present throughout the concession I would come prepared! You may even harvest a wolf!

Hunters will fly into the city of Whitehorse and rent a vehicle or carpool with other hunters as they travel to the lodge. Once at the lodge hunter can expect to be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff focused on getting you prepared for the hunt. Some hunters will leave via land vehicle while others will fly deep into the heart of the concession where they will link up wit their guide and continue the adventure.

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Gratuities, License, Tag(s)

Option #1

$33,000.00 10 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
 Moose Boat  Early Hunt

Option #2

$35,000.00 10 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
Moose Argo Hunt

Option #3

$33,000.00 10 Days Outfitted, 2 on 1, Guided
Moose Boat Rut Hunt

Option #4

$35,000.00 10 Days Outfitted, 1 on 1, Guided
Moose Horse Hunt

Contact a hunt advisor to discuss combo hunts and extended multi-species opportunities