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More Information about Landowner Tags

Who can list vouchers for sale on this page?
Any landowner or designated land manager that is allowed to legally resell a landowner big game voucher is allowed to submit a listing for approval on this page.

Does Huntin’ Fool resell landowner vouchers?
Due to the increased demand and severe shortage of supply, Huntin’ Fool no longer provides a priority list or brokerage services for landowner vouchers across the West.

Why are there no landowner tag listings?
Colorado landowner vouchers must be drawn by qualifying landowners and results will not be made available until early June. New Mexico E-Plus landowner vouchers awarded to Base ranches may be listed at any time. New Mexico vouchers awarded to SCR (small ranches) will not become available until mid-June.

How do I buy a landowner tag with a guided hunt?
Through Huntin' Fool Adventures, you can purchase many guided hunts across the West that include landowner vouchers with the single price of an outfitted hunt. For more listings, click here to search for hunts.