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Press Release

Huntin’ Fool and Rack Site Pro Team

Huntin’ Fool has joined with Rack Site to create a Pro Team to represent both companies and promote membership and participation within the hunting community. The Pro Team will consist of hand-selected avid hunters/conservationists who influence the hunting industry and represent the core ideology of both companies.

The Pro Team founding officials consist of Rack Site CEO Cody Draper, Huntin’ Fool CEO Wade Kelson, and Chairman John Makoff. Current Pro Team members include, but are not limited to, the Huntin’ Fool Professional Hunt Advisors.

In accordance with the Mission Statement of the Pro Team, team members will carry the responsibility of educating the hunting community on the resources provided by Huntin’ Fool and Rack Site and discovering Pro Team philanthropic opportunities. Through open lines of communication and expression, team members will encourage debate and discussion of issues that are of great importance to those within the hunting community.

Members of the Pro Team are tasked with educating others about the resources Huntin’ Fool provides and recruiting other members to the Pro Team, while being active members of Rack Site and Huntin’ Fool on social media and at hunting, fishing, and outdoor events. Opportunities for compensation will be given to Pro Team members as they recruit and refer new Huntin’ Fool memberships.

The intent of the Pro Team is to grow a solid family of hunting professionals whose voices will be heard around the world in regards to their shared passion and to create a space wherein they can work together to manage the environments in which they hunt and play.