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Press Release

Huntin’ Fool, a community of explorers and adventurers who love hunting and helping one another elevate their hunting skills and experiences, has merged with Rack Site, the world’s largest dedicated social media network for hunters. Though both companies share ownership, they will operate completely independently from one another. This network unites hunters to protect, join together, and preserve their passion for the great outdoors for generations to follow.

Wade Kelson will continue in his role as CEO of Huntin’ Fool, while Rack Site founder Cody Draper will be the CEO of Rack Site.

Wade Kelson says, “Rack Site is the perfect extension of our strategy of building a community of explorers, adventurers, and conservationists who love to hunt and pool resources to help one another source, prepare, and share hunts and hunting experiences. We feel incredibly privileged to be working with Cody and Rack Site, which is a brilliant tool to empower hunters worldwide to elevate their hunting experiences.”

“Rack Site is and will remain an open, unbiased, free social media app connecting hunters worldwide. Hunters, at the touch of their phones, can connect and share knowledge, resources, and content, as well as swap gear and hunts. It revolutionizes how hunters communicate around the world,” says Cody Draper.

The Rack Site Hunters Social Media app instantly connects hunters with other hunters worldwide who are looking to share in their passion. It is a move towards global hunter connectivity.

The Rack Site Hunters Social Media app can be downloaded from the App Store and the Android Market. For more information, go to